Friday, June 2, 2017

Big Blue and Bowie - in bed together forever

UPDATED August 27, 2017 (see Note 1)

So, if you haven't read my blog post about Big Blue, my Animas Vibe's first week of use, then hop on over to this LINK.  The rest of what I write about below will make more sense.  I'll try to keep this short and sweet since hey, it's TGIF!   Let the weekend begin!!!

After posting the blog on my disappointment with the accuracy of Big Blue who has CGM capability (this sounds like the Six Million Dollar man ... we have the technology ) along with a few other quirks.  Here's my update.

I cannot return the Vibe.  Plain and simple according to the Animas representative that came by after my blog went around the globe.   Due to the ADP program in Ontario, you cannot just pick and choose a pump, then decide it's not to your taste.   A wee bit disappointed with that, but the rep made things abit easier with the following suggestions that I will have to live with for the next 5+ years, or until Big Blue bites the dust.

The reps suggestion?  While I still have a functioning Ping aka Ziggy.  When I want to wear something slinky that I can't access my insulin pump in order to bolus, etc.  Simply use Ziggy along side Stardust my One Touch blood meter with Bowie my Dexcom receiver.  Simply remove insulin cartridge from Big Blue - plop it into Ziggy.  Best of both worlds as the rep put it!

We also came to the decision that due to incorrect sensor placement on arm, that this was the reason for the Vibe CGM and Dexcom receiver being off that I wrote in my previous blog.  I can agree on that after removing the sensor due to the fact that it was not sticking well on my arm and sensor wire looking not too straight. We think it was barely in my skin.  Plus, I had placed the sensor incorrectly, since the muscles in my arm when it's placed HORIZONTALLY, tends to pull the wire back/forth, cause sensor tape to not stick as well.

Silly me, deciding to try the horizontal placement for a change of pace, thinking well, if it works great on my "flat" stomach, why not the arm too?  NOPE!  Muscle, muscle, muscle ... pull ... pull ... pull. The rep of course reminded me that we are not supposed to place our sensor anywhere else but our stomach, and basically just pretends he doesn't know that many of us do things with our medical devices that are not approved of in the manual.

So, after placing a new sensor in ... correctly ... this is where I found both the Vibe and the Dexcom receiver were spot on with each other.  Cancel that FAIL quote from the previous blog!

So, I am now only using my Vibe for seeing my trend (when you press the Contrast button, you can see the last CGM screen viewed).  I tend to to like to see the current blood sugar, that shows which way the arrows are going, along with the IOB (Insulin-On-Board).  Bowie, takes care of all my other needs for info on my blood sugar trend, etc.

NOTE 1:  August 27, 2017 - since writing this blog - I have decided to no longer use Bowie - since often I lose him  ... urrrhhh.  I've gotten used to relying on the vibrations/alarm set up on the Vibe ... though I may eventually go back to Bowie ... since again ... the alarms on the receiver are easier to determine if it's a LOW/HIGH .

Handy Trend Arrow Chart from Animas representative

The trend, and other information that is shown on Bowie aka the Dexcom receiver.  It is far is better for viewing than the Vibe pump screen. Also, when it comes to alarms, as stated in previous blog, hands down for Bowie who sings like a Hero in my eyes to save me from either going too low or too high.

Remember use me as an example .... don't rush in too fast for something until you do your research, which I should have done!  You might regret it!  DOH!!!

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