Saturday, November 2, 2013

Diabetes Photo-A-Day - Day 1 - PAST

UPDATE for my posts - despite what it says at the bottom of this page - they are going to be scattered in various areas due to amount of time I have on my hands for Internet.  It all depends on my story behind the picture (I ike to sometimes put explicit details in my picture posts LOL) - so if you follow me in Twitter or Facebook - you will ALWAYS be able to find my contributions!  If I have time I will post in G+  (so many great diabetic groups in the social media - so little time to play!!!  Where's my ball of wool to chase around the room????

I'm in abit of a shock right now.  My endo - who I have been seeing since 1994 after I'd been without a endo for about 5 years was someone I lucked in on due to my basically walking into his office with no referral from my GP - based on word of mouth that he was a "good dude".  I was arguing with the reciptionist at the time - and either I was low or high - but I was I think maybe in tears.  He came out of his office at that time for the next patient - saw me - we spoke - he took me on - no questions asked.  Wow - my brain still functions in the memory category when I have abit of time to reflect.

Anyway, they gave me all my records of blood work a few years ago due to lack of space for old files (there was more - but for some reason - I seem to have kept one manilla envelope of them).  I have NEVER EVER looked at them until today - when I was searching for the topic of the #dmpad from Day 1 ( see  SixUntilMe blog post for the explanation of what pics to post each day).

Back then I was on needles and who knows how often I injected, I can't recall what I was using insulin wise (it's hard to remember everything you've been doing for almost 50 years with diabetes - unless your anal about writing everything down - which I am not - except for blogging <lol>).

I thought my diabetes was really out of control back then - today's subject has caused me to think alot about my years with this disease.  Hmmm - should I start keeping a diary - and just blog about it??? LOL

To see Day 2 post - go to this link - I'll be alternating between the two areas over the month as I post pictures.

National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM)

Hmmm, I've been seeing various places within the DOC (diabetes online community) going on about this being some celebration of diabetes month (NDAM).

Yuppers, glancing at my calendar on my wall - THIRTY days of advocating in many different forms about my disease I've had for almost 1/2 a century.  Boy oh boy - do WE feel special or what?
JDRF 2013 NDAM logo

On further research (gotta love search engines) - I discovered that in the United States - Mr. Obama has declared that it indeed is true. JDRF Canada has as well -along with ADA (American Diabetic Association).  I was even surprised after abit of sleuthing that the CDA (Canadian Diabetes Association) website that they have as well!   I could probably post more - perhaps from other parts of the world - but I'll leave that up to you to let your fingers do the walking across your keyboard (and if you find any good ones - post them here).

Everyone has their different approach to how to celebrate.  I have to admit one of my favs has always been the Lee Anne Thill's World Diabetes Day Post Card Exchange (details can be found at the bottom of this blog for 2013).

A new one I've come across this year is well known American advocate/blogger Kerri Sparling's of Six Until Me - Diabetes Month Photo-A-Day project.  I always like to take pictures (have mobile - will click) - so you'll either see those pics posted here at The Roller Coaster Ride Diabetes or at website.  All depends on how many projects I get involved in (I mean - there is a life outside of diabetes - right?)

So - what will you be doing this month to tell the world about diabetes?  I can't wait to see - but remember - awareness and advocacy isn't just a once a year thing.  It's all the time for many of us that advocate / educate.

Remember though - if a person's eyes start to glaze over as you yammer on - retreat - some of what you'll have said will enter into their already over-logged brains - and hopefully they'll walk away with abit better understanding of what diabetes is all about!