Saturday, October 4, 2014

How long does a blood meter last?

I have been using my little Lolita - a turquoise skinned Free Style Lite from Abbott for God knows how long. It maybe going on 5 years - I'm not sure.

I've been finding that with the strips we use for the Abbott meters - that allow you to test from either side of the strip - that I couldn't test from the left hand side of the test strip. I wasted a few too many strips - and have yet found the time to call Abbott up to get some replacements (hey - a buck a peace adds up after awhile). I had similar problems last year - and they'd actually sent me control solution and new strips.

I was getting Error 3 the last few days - and with no control solution - I was up the creek. Luckily, I was given a new meter a few years ago by the pharmacy I go to here in Quebec - the same brand - and after getting it all set up (very easy) - I am now ready to start using Limoncello 

So, my question, how often should we replace our blood meters? I know with my insulin pens I use - it's stated that you should replace them every 2 years. I've found nothing in my manual that states anything.

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