Sunday, March 8, 2015

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Well, I'm on the road again this week after a few weeks back from my last trip.  This time it's off to Las Vegas to attend the Diabetes unConference  which is run by a great team of many well-known American bloggers / advocates in the DOC (Diabetic Online Community).  I'm not dropping names, but you probably know who they are!  

While I'm really excited to go, meet everyone that I only know online, at the same time I'm wondering if I've bitten off more than I can chew as I try to stay on top of roller coaster ride blood sugars.  It's tough!!!  I've taken on more jobs this year (mainly all diabetes related - jezz I wonder why?) and now this past week, my DH and I decided to put the house on the market  .... 

It’s time to move!  

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So, a quick 5 day purge of the house, to make rooms look bigger, yadda, yadda, yadda for the potential buyer in our 810 sq. ft. house has been an exhausting and emotional ordeal (I now know what it feels like for people on these shows where they have to get rid of their stuff ... not fun ... and we've had to do it fast!!!).  What is funny my house seemed bigger to me, but then I’m used to living on a sailboat during the summer months, which is about 275 sq. ft.  I guess I'm very happy in small places?

Back to the reason for this blog ... packing to go to Vegas has been a THRILL (not really)!  Between making sure I don't pack away all my clothing (how many t-shirts can a woman own???) and ensuring that I still can find what has not been packed away (we're loading up a van with all our crap/excess furniture tomorrow into storage, that our real estate agent demanded be removed).  It's a weird feeling, and at times, I've had panic attacks thinking I've packed something I may need over the months while the house is on the market (I'm thinking realistically of a 3 month wait ... if longer ... for this place to sell - since I don't see many small places like ours on the market ... just HUGE places ... e.g. 1,200 sq. ft.).  So, watch for my blog post in a few months about being admitted into a looney bin (written by my DH perhaps???).

Seriously though, with this all going on, my blood sugars, even with the Dexcom, are all over the map (just like I have been with travelling).  I have had to remove furnishings that stored my much loved diabetic "stuff"; I'm reduced to having to ensure that I can locate things in as quick a time as needed.  Especially with having to get ready to go on the road trip to Las Vegas. 

The only good thing about going to this conference though, which just dawned on me as I am typing this out!  If I forget something, there will be other diabetics that I can go to for help!!!  The main thing though is I do travel abit, so I've sort of got it down pat with what I have to bring along with me to keep my diabetes in check.  One tip I can highly recommend ... zip lock bags!!!!  You can see exactly what is inside ... though trust me ... I still panic sometimes that I forget something!

As an Animas insulin pumper, one thing that they have for their clients is a great check list that comes with the  insulin pump startup kit (sadly - I'd hoped they also had it online - but the one that you see in this link is not as good for some reason).  In the list I was given, they want you to bring almost 3X what you would need in infusion sets/insulin cartridges for the time you are away.  Yes, I bring a few spares on top of what I need (hey - imagine if you ripped out your infusion set by accident .. it happens!!!).  So far, touch wood, never had any problems going that route.  I can also pack it all either into my carry on or my brief case - and that's up to sometimes 3 weeks!  Though at that point, things are bulging on my luggage slightly, but I survive.

Well, back to packing boxes - donating what I don't need to Salvation Army, and getting some work done so I can pay my bills for upcoming adventures around the globe plus eventually settling into a new home for many more years to come!!!  Oh I know I'm going to be Happy!!!
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