Saturday, March 21, 2015

My take on the Diabetes unConference in Sin City

Since discovering the #DOC back in 2008  (my first #dblog was at when I was trying to figure out how to use an insulin pump after 41 years of being a human dart board  ... life has changed so much for the better.

Before that time, I didn't know many diabetics that I could chat with, especially on insulin pumps, In order to get the answers I needed for my burning questions on how to use my pump, I went to various online groups based in America such as, .

It was amazing how much help I got from these various sites, and despite not being in person with everyone, I no longer felt alone dealing with this roller coaster ride.  It was like a breath of fresh air (ahhh - the smell of a hunky hairy chested dude bathing in  Irish Spring!!! PG13)

Spring forward (and we have changed our clocks) .... and we come to the weekend of March 13th, 2015 ... Sin City ... land of make believe and OMG ... 90 diabetics all grouped together at the 1st Diabetes unConference!!! Combined together - we little guinea pigs  running on the big blue wheel - calculated that we have almost ......

2,000 years of the roller coaster ride of diabetes!!!! 

The above 4-legged creature maybe a rat - sorry - the wheel is BLUE ... okay - I'm an artzy fartzy gal!!!

Wow - back off the wheel - phew - I'm out of shape .... that is ALOT of years of diabetes all in one room!!!

Over the period of 3 days we talked / drank / screamed / laughed / farted (sorry - I dropped a rose ) / cried ... alot of emotions/thoughts that had only been retained in our sponge brains were shared within the group discussions that were held at 10 tables within the conference room.  It was frigging amazing!!!!!

Even better was that no one was allowed to use their mobiles for Tweeter / Facebook / picture taking (good thing - since being a Canadian - I couldn't afford a data plan for the USA).  It was really nice ... having everyone not hunched over their little machines.

I think the most important thing for me was meeting up with other diabetics that are new to the #DOC - and I am hoping that they are now encouraged to spread the word about this event - perhaps get into writing their own blogs (and as I  told one attendee - who was wanting to start blogging and worried about "who will read my blog?")......

It does NOT matter

You do NOT have to be one of the "famous" American bloggers that were at this event!   Whatever words you put down - in dealing with your diabetes is the most IMPORTANT thing. That is how it is for me .... blogging / advocating for many of us is a way of creating what we hope is a better educated world for others to understand what diabetes is all about.  And for me, it's almost like talking to a head shrink!

So, if you are hoping to attend the next #Duncon event (rumour is it will be held in Sin City again for 2016) .... check for updates on the Facebook ** page or via Twitter (where I haven't been banned from .... yet).

Meanwhile, the Glee episode on the 13th of March with their version of "Come Sail Away" originally performed by Styx (oh oh  - aging myself here)  is the purrfect music that will make me remember how strong all of us are with our battle of the roller coaster ride of diabetes every day!!!

** Please note - due to Facebook complaining that I am not a legit person - they have shut down my page until further notice (they are like Gestapo agents!! ) - so I'm slightly cut off from the #DOC at the moment that posts there alot.  It is abit difficult since I'm still coming down from the high of being with all of these great diabetics last week.  I perhaps feel like some of the diabetics who could either not afford  to attend, or did not find out about the event until it was too late to register .... like an outsider ....  bu the main thing ... you can find me posting more at Tudiabetes again!!!


  1. Thanks for your appraisal of the Unconference, Anna. I have been hearing others saying very positive things, too. Some of them were ill after the conference was over, they were blaming the dust in Vegas. I hope you avoided any illness.

    1. Hoping that you come to it next year Richard !!!! See you around at Tudiabetes (due to being banned by Facebook - between this website and ... it's the only place I can do my diabetes advocating and chit chat :) ).

  2. Very happy that I got to meet you, your ears and Miguel, and hoping FB unbans you soon! Big hugs!!!

    1. Ahhhh - thanks alot Susan ... if not ... you know how to reach me here - or find me at Tudiabetes (I abandoned them when I took over groups at Facebook - but in away ... it's the best place to go for diabetes advise ... and if you have to search for a discussion at TuD .. you can locate it easily ... unlike in the FB groups!!).

  3. The Facebook thing is quite weird. I'll see you around at TuDiabetes until someone at Facebook decides that you are a real person. Having met you in Vegas, I'm pretty sure that you are legit....

  4. I agree w Laddie, you're the real thing, cat ears and all. Glad I got a chance to meet you.


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