Saturday, November 2, 2013

Diabetes Photo-A-Day - Day 1 - PAST

UPDATE for my posts - despite what it says at the bottom of this page - they are going to be scattered in various areas due to amount of time I have on my hands for Internet.  It all depends on my story behind the picture (I ike to sometimes put explicit details in my picture posts LOL) - so if you follow me in Twitter or Facebook - you will ALWAYS be able to find my contributions!  If I have time I will post in G+  (so many great diabetic groups in the social media - so little time to play!!!  Where's my ball of wool to chase around the room????

I'm in abit of a shock right now.  My endo - who I have been seeing since 1994 after I'd been without a endo for about 5 years was someone I lucked in on due to my basically walking into his office with no referral from my GP - based on word of mouth that he was a "good dude".  I was arguing with the reciptionist at the time - and either I was low or high - but I was I think maybe in tears.  He came out of his office at that time for the next patient - saw me - we spoke - he took me on - no questions asked.  Wow - my brain still functions in the memory category when I have abit of time to reflect.

Anyway, they gave me all my records of blood work a few years ago due to lack of space for old files (there was more - but for some reason - I seem to have kept one manilla envelope of them).  I have NEVER EVER looked at them until today - when I was searching for the topic of the #dmpad from Day 1 ( see  SixUntilMe blog post for the explanation of what pics to post each day).

Back then I was on needles and who knows how often I injected, I can't recall what I was using insulin wise (it's hard to remember everything you've been doing for almost 50 years with diabetes - unless your anal about writing everything down - which I am not - except for blogging <lol>).

I thought my diabetes was really out of control back then - today's subject has caused me to think alot about my years with this disease.  Hmmm - should I start keeping a diary - and just blog about it??? LOL

To see Day 2 post - go to this link - I'll be alternating between the two areas over the month as I post pictures.

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