Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm no longer a VIRGIN in a few areas of the insulin pumping world

Okay - yesterday I posted a few pics of myself on Twitter/Facebook - wearing an infusion set on my arm - along with where the pump was kept.  I have NEVER done this before - wearing my infusion set on my arm - but since my posting of the pics - heard from a few gals who do the same - which is good to hear (along with - get longer tubing - since I have always used the 23" tubing - and they suggested longer - except my Animas order form only shows 23" for the Contact Detach - so I may be stuck there with having to use the Inset II set which comes in 23" & 43" tube length).  It's really odd though - that in researching the infusion sets at the American Animas website - that the infusion sets are way cheaper than in Canada - and that they carry a 43" tubing for the Contact Detach (stainless steel needle).  It's like what gives - our dollar is pretty well at par - why do we pay more - is it due to Canadians paying less for insulin or what??? Do Animas users from other countries besides the USA have same issue with paying more for their supplies?

Anyway, before I have to start doing some relaxation breathing lessons on this infusion set issue with Canada - one of the reasons for trying the arm site is seeing an Omnipod user last week at an Insulin Pump meeting in Cornwall - proudly showing off his pod on his arm.  Well, I have a mini-me version on my arm - with the pump itself nestled you know where.  So there!!  Though I'm really keen to see what an Omnipod is all about - especially with it being smaller now - though not sure when Canadians will see the new version due to Health Canada having to put their stamp of approval on it - tap, tap, tap.

Actually having the pump nestled there - when the pump vibrates for an alarm - like it did earlier this AM - made me become yet another "not a virgin" in a new area - aka


You can read more about this - and my semi-excitement over it (little things get me excited as you can see <lol>) and how not jumping to the gun - I realised that the alarm that followed that one - is a good thing with the Animas 2020 pump (not all of my blogging about the Animas pumps is bad like my previous ones).

Sadly, to view this blog - you will have to click on this LINK to be sent to an alternate universe - feel free to comment there if you have a Facebook a/c (otherwise you have to sign up to post at - sorry - they're abit behind the social media times I'm afraid to say).

Meanwhile - I leave you with this picture of ' my girls ' (I'm not shy am I - but really I am) - I feel like I'm a character from Star Trek <lol>.

UPDATE on infusion sets available to Canada - the website for Canadians SHOWS the longer tubing length BUT no pricing which is shown at the USA site.  Why I have a list from Animas Canada that does not show all the same info as their website (at least the list shows the price - but more expensive for Canadians is another story) - that is just too trange.  I am only finding out now - that I can actually order the longer tubing lengths.  When I queried Animas Canada before on certain products I was looking into - they didn't offer anything else than what I saw on the Order form I am given each time I order up supplies (dated Dec 1/07).

I've printed up the list for my own reference (along with the date) - and going to inquire into this when I have to order up more infusion sets (I have enough for 2 months due to being on pump holiday) - with the longer tubing in order to wear set on my arm.  Hopefully they can give me a truthful answer as to why pricing is higher in Canada as well.

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