Friday, April 26, 2013

Zucchini/carrot muffins and my other frugal methods of cooking to be a healthy diabetic

The zucchini/carrot muffins are ready-easy way to get your quota of veggies in a sweet treat!: The zucchini/carrot muffins are ready-easy way to get your quota of veggies in a sweet treat!

The above is a Tweet I posted - while in a baking cooking frenzy (made tomato sauce that day) - the story of my messy kitchen that occurred below explains the reason for my semi-insane mind (no I was not having a hypo <lol>).


The story behind my Tweet the other day - and actually the same applies to alot of the food I cook - is I am a frugal cook.  I buy produce that is about to be put into the pig slop (okay - not so bad - but it's starting to not look pretty - but is still edible).  The same goes for meat that I occassionally feel I'm able to afford - I purchase it when it's at the use by x date - and usually pay 50% less - a big savings in my little world.

I like to eat well - my waistline proves it - but I do try to eat healthy - and not too much - along with varying the types of food I eat - to me - variety is the spice of life.

Believe it or not - I used to hate to cook.  I actually wasn't allowed in the kitchen at home due to making a mess - so left home - not really knowing how to even boil a simple egg.  Due to limited income - I had to learn how to cook quickly - having diabetes and trying to stay in the zone was another big thing for me - and trying not to die at 40 like many of us T1D's were told as teenagers by our endo's back in the "old days"!

So, if you ever come across a pack of zucchini's like I did last week - at $1.49 - and have the ability to make it into many meals (I made 4 meals out of the pack I purchased) - then pat yourself on your back - because sadly - we're a dying breed - those that cook from scratch - but maybe it'll make a comeback in the younger generation of today - who want to know what's in their food that they eat! 

Bon appetite!  Off to make up some pineapple jam now (another good deal - huge fresh pineapple bought at $1.99 - it's yielded enough to make for some little snacks - and a few pots of jam to see us thru' the next 6 weeks ... if it lasts that long on our morning toast).

For the muffins I made - check out this link 
For the pineapple jam - check out this link (originally I had used a Martha Stewart one - but it's too sweet and this one in the link is much simpler IMHO). 

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