Saturday, April 20, 2013

SNAP, Crackle, Pop - Asante is the new kid on the block in the insulin pumping realm

Back in 2011 - I had written in the forums about Asante and their new insulin pump called the Pearl.  A German mate of mine - who I was visiting at the time in Spain - said it was being marketed in her country - of course - I went to check it out - and since then - had never thought of it again until recently - when Asante started to relaunch the pump under a new name of SNAP!  Of course, like Michael Hoskins at DiabetesMine - we both thought of a certain cereal ad (do all diabetics think alike???).

The Asante Snap is slowly hoping to become the next kid in town as far as an affordable and easy pump for a diabetic controlling their life with insulin.  Of course, this pump is only available currently to the USA in certain regions of the north east sectors of their country (testing sectors), but they are promising that it will be available all over the USA during this year as well as to more countries over time.
They are currently marketing this pump at being in the price range of $700 USD with a promise that if something happens to the pump that for a minimal fee even when out of the 4-year warranty it will be replaced with latest s/w upgrades.  To me, this is a winner, with the problems I've had with my Animas 2020 since December.  The comparison chart that they show at this link shows the advantages of using their pump.  It basically has all the bells and whistles that I have used in the two pumps I've tried over the 5 years (Animas and Medtronic) but one new thing that FDA recently approved for this pump is the "Drop Detector Alarm" which no other pump manufacturer has.  

What I like from the picture and description is Asante has taken into consideration the screen size on the pump itself.  They claim it is supposed to be the largest print of all insulin pumps out on the market which is good for some of us aging diabetics.  Along with that is the size of the pump and its weight. 

Now comes the cons - more for the folks that pay out of pocket and use ALOT of insulin per day ...


To read more about the new kid in town (well - not really - it was the Pearl before) - go to this link - feel free to comment either here or at the original blog post - I'll respond either way!

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