Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Nominate Dr. Frederick Banting for next Canadian $5 bill

“Insulin belongs to the world, not to me”

I don't normally do blog posts like this, but in light of how the cost of insulin is affecting many people around the world, I felt it important to give a little introduction to where my post will eventually go.

I'm one of those Canadians that don't have work coverage, provincial coverage, private insurance for buying my insulin and other medications I need to live life, to be able to report to work, and be part of the taxpaying Canadians.  I am lucky that I can afford to live a pretty good life as a middle-income wage earner and stay healthy as a Type 1 diabetic on the juice of life that was discovered here in Canada.  Meanwhile, in other countries, it's not that great.  We hear of rationing of insulin, deaths from this.  It's not good.  I do help some Americans with affordable insulin by shipping it to them, at least I can do this!

So, where is the post taking you to ...

Which #bankNOTEable Canadian do you want to see on our new $5 bill? Many of us who live with diabetes are thankful for the team that discovered insulin.  The most notable of course is Dr. Frederick Banting, and that is personally who I've voted but also mentioned the other team members in case they want to include all of them that you see below, at this link https://ipsosasks.ca/banknoteable-surlebillet ).

*** The Mighty Insulin Discovery Team ***

If you decide to vote (see UPDATE below), I will leave it in your capable hands (I mean fingers on the keyboard) to decide.  The deadline is *** March 11th *** and after that, all entries will be reviewed and considered by an independent Advisory Council.  

May the best Canadian win!!! Ehhhh!!!

UPDATE:  John James Richard MacLeod as far as I can tell by research, was only in Canada for a short time (he returned back to Scotland in 1928).  Therefore, cannot be included as one of the Canadians for this campaign. Thank you to one of my readers, Simon Lee Wallace for pointing this error out - for more info you can find it at  https://insulin.library.utoronto.ca/about/macleod

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