Thursday, March 17, 2016

Low carb recipes for Easter and rutabaga fries

As I'm contemplating where to go this afternoon to have some green beer on St-Patty's day ... I'm realising very quickly that Easter is just around the corner.

I'm always looking for recipes that are low carb and satisfy both myself as a Type 1 diabetic (T1D) and my friends who aren't that often get to sample some of the meals I make.

I probably will be doing something in a crock pot for this year, since I'm not sure what amount of time I will have to play around in the kitchen, so of course, there are many sites out there that have some great meals.  One of my fav's lately due to taking out a book from the library, is Stephanie O'Dea's Make It Fast, Cook It Slow .  It's based on her cooking with a slow cooker for 365 days back in 2007 for her family of 4 (and contains many gluten free recipes as well).   You can find her at A Year of Slow Cooking to find many recipes that are in the book.
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In my search though to find some low carb recipes, not just for Easter, but for all year round noshing, was a post on rutabaga fries.  I have this rutabaga sitting in my cold cellar ready to be used (my original plan was to use it for a vegan cassoulet recipe I like to make up in the crock pot).  Now it has another mission in life.

I've made similar versions of oven fries with sweet potatoes  parsnips, carrots, and find oven baking them (even potatoes if you don't mind sacrificing your insulin for extra carbs) are much healthier in my opinion then the usual method done in deep fat fryers (and I don't possess a deep fryer due to the fear of fat splatting on my skin).

So, without further adieu, click on this link - to see how to serve up a low carb version of the usual potato fries (and remember you can do your own thing with what spices/herbs you might add to the recipe - I'm a tweaker of many recipes that I come across to suit my taste buds) !

And if you're looking for low carb ideas for Easter, check out's low-carb expert Laura Dolson's tips for what to cook up for family and friends at this link.

Sorry if this post makes you drool.

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