Saturday, August 31, 2013

DKA on the high seas - the pictures that you couldn't view at

Bent over cannula
If you're here - it's because you've just read my blog at - where my ability to post larger pictures is not possible  (they're working on it - allowing we the users more flexibility/ease of use for posting quickly/efficiently at their website as I test their system out for them like a faithful dog .. cat).

So, with further adieu - here are the more detailed pictures of my infusion set - the Inset II - that went bad!!!
I hope that this never happens again - and sad thing is - if I'd still been on MDI - this wouldnt' have happened - since I would have known I had injected the insulin - unless the insulin was not good.  In this case, due to problem with infusion set - no occlusion alarm - DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) occurred - due to no alarms from my pump - and my slowness at reacting to what to do.

The cannula never entered the skin BUT went into the adhesive bit on the side

Me the next day - feeling like death warmed over ( and it was a warm day - but I was still feeling frozen from the ordeal)

1000 Islands in Canada

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