Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dana Heffern : Antidote Performance (on your screen NOW)

I was involved in a performance last summer -  at the last minute the same day that it was being held.  I was one of the 20 “actors” at the dinner table – where we were served up delicacies that we weren’t quite sure what they were. Alongside of us were nondiabetics who had brand new BG meters to use (yes they had to do blood tests) – along with needles (short needles – lucky buggers) – pretend insulin (saline). We “experienced” diabetics helped them out with determining what the carb amounts were that we were eating, and what we all thought appropriate amount of insulin to cover what we were gorging out on. We had to guesstimate for most of it; because the food was sometimes not recognisible (we only got the actual menu mid-way – which helped abit). All I can say, I was a stuffed pig after this episode of 3 fabulous courses (no wine – darn – the chef drank the bottle I’d viewed in the cooler earlier). Through the majority of it – I sadly was having a hypo (went as low as 2.9 mmol/l or 52 mg/dl) – but I was well taken care of by Alissa (my Mummy) for shoving a lollipop in my mouth (we had candies in fancy containers at the dinner table).

Anyway, the gal behind all of this great project was Dana Heffern - you can read about her in a previous blog from lat year - that is included with the 4 minute video that she compiled of our 2 hour "performance".  It was an amazing event to be with other diabetics, educate the audience about Type 1 diabetes.  I'd do it all over again - in a flash!!! 

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